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Museum Lapidarium

Phone: +385 52 726 582

In cooperation with the Galerie Wuensch Aircube, Linz (Austria)

A valuable collection of constructivist and kinetic arts, tactile and concrete poetry collected by the Austrian gallery owner Winfried Wünsch. It features paintings, sculptures, installations, graphics, drawings and photographs by Austrian, German, Croatian, Italian and Kuban artists. The selected exhibits comprise: works based on the analytical approach to art and a visual research of surfaces, structures and objects, close to the concept of the New Tendencies; pieces emphasising the analytical-rational relationship with language, or language as a visual and concrete form, and works of the Vienna Group conceptual artists. The collection is also on display at the Rigo Gallery.

Exhibiting authors: Josef Bauer, Hellmut Bruch, Dominique Chapuis, Ivan Contreras-Brunet, Gerhard Frömel, Eugen Gomringer, Istanbul Haasz, HD Schrader, Vesna Kovacic, Renate Krammer, Vaclav Malina, Franz Mohn, Ulrich Otto, Otto Reitsperger, Gerhard Rühm, Vera Röhm, Reinhard Roy, Estela Sokol, Nelio Sonego, Jürgen Wolff.


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