Architecture. Sculpture. Remembrance. The art of monuments of Yugoslavia 1945-1991

  • 02Jul
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  • 18Aug


Museum Lapidarium

Phone: +385 52 726 582

In cooperation with the Society of Architects and Dessa Gallery, Ljubljana (Slovenia)

The exhibition features the results of a two-year research project carried out by a number of experts and scientists covering the architectural and urban planning topics related to the monuments that belong to the memorial heritage of the Yugoslav socialist era. It focuses on the projects and plans that marked the period of public ‘monuments’ reflecting the era's turning points and abandoned modern/abstract visions. As a special treat for the visitors, The Memorial Ossuary of the People's Hero Vladimir Gortan, Pod Beram (Istria) will be contextualised and artistically valued for the first time. The display is accompanied by audio-visual material.

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