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There are lots of winemakers in Novigrad region that produce quality Istrian and Croatian wines. It is possible to see them by visiting attractive wine roads or by directly choosing winemakers from out list. Most winemakers offer presentations of winemaking process, wine degustation as well as their unique products which can be purchased. Interesting fact is that a great number of wines received various awards. Winemakers in Novigrad region and their locations are listed below.

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    Davor i Boris Škrlj Kaštel 24 - map +385 52 735 417 / +385 91 576 63 53
    Vineyards stretch on the western coast of Istria and are rich in tradition, which is witnessed by various prizes won in wine competitions. They offer the tasting of their own wines and purchase in traditional ambiance.

    Wines: Istrian Malvasia, Pinot blanc, Merlot

    Additional information:
    Ghira Winery Cesta Contessa, Bužinija +385 98 191 0651
    The winery deals with the production and sale of wines, as well as the production of grapes. The winery receives guests and offers studio and tourist tours.

    Wines: Malvasia

    Additional information:
    Leonardo Palčić Wine Dajla 144 - map +385 98 421 901
    Young wine-grower Leonard Palčić is the manufacturer of the only Croatian frizzante wine. He owns plantations on 14 hectares. He is known for his Malvasia, Rose and Merlot. The wines can be tasted in his cellar in Dajla, as well as the Marina restaurant in Novigrad.

    Wines: Malvasia, Rose, Merlot dessert wines

    Additional information:
    Moreno Ivančić Domovinskih žrtava 20 - map +385 98 976 8005
    A small family winery with a nicely decorated and open tasting room for receiving visitors and direct purchase. The winery’s motto is “Tradition in a modern way”. They especially stress the autochthonous Istrian sorts which are their greatest value.

    Wines: Istrian Malvasia, Chardonnay, Muscat blanc, Muscat rose, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Teran

    Additional information:
    OPG Šegon Karigador 72, Karigador +385 52 73 51 00 / +385 98 79 40 35
    After being proved as producers of distillate and brandy made of fruits and grasses, and of olive oil, the Šegon family proved themselves also in wine production. They say it's different from others, as well as brandy.

    Wines: Malvasia, Muscat, Cabernet Sauvignon

    Additional information:
    P&P – Pervino Winery Sv. Servul 7c +385 99 815 1266
    Vineyards “Vina P&P” found their place at 45.3° North – the latitude of famous global wine regions. The queen of their vineyards is Malvasia, while Teran is the king – the natives of the Istrian climate. A recognisable wine note, the minerality, is the result of the combination of deep red soil and proximity of the sea. If you want to hear and taste their story, visit them in the tasting and selling area within the cellar. Guided groups and individual tastings will help you find the drop of wine waiting for you.

    Wines: Malvasia, Chardonnay, Muscat, Teran, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Refošk

    Additional information:
    Stancija Fava Salvela 54, Dajla +385 99 464 0088
    The winery specialised in the production of Teran, Malvasia and Merlot wines, as well as the extra virgin olive oil.

    Wines: Teran, Malvasia, Merlot

    Additional information:
    Vina Demark Paolija 15D, Bužinija +385 91 188 33 99
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