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Restaurants in Novigrad offer you a variety of exquisite dishes and specialties as part of the Istrian and Mediterranean cuisine; from fish, meat with truffles, or homemade gnocchi and pasta to a large choice of pizzas. Very typical for this region is that all dishes are mostly flavoured with olive oil and spiced up with Mediterranean herbs. Always friendly and approachable staff will make your stay carefree and enjoyable. The list of restaurants in Novigrad and their locations can be viewed down below.

  • Restaurants

    Name Address Phone
    "MD" Morača Murvi 8, Novigrad +385 52 757 147
    Admiral Max Porporela 5, Novigrad +385 52 433 254
    Adria Grill Murve 3, Novigrad +385 52 649 126
    Al Mare Brolo bb, Novigrad +385 97 7711002
    Amfora Ribarnička 10 - map +385 52 726 298
    A modern and romantic restaurant by the sea has 3 indoor halls, one roofed and two open terraces, from which you can watch incomparable sunsets. The restaurant is known for dishes with fish and seafood. The wine card comprises more than 100 wines from Croatia and the world.

    Specialties: fish and seafood

    Additional information:
    Restaurant type: Fish restaurant
    Own car park: Yes
    Aurora Zidine 3, Mareda +385 52 735 181
    Belveder Karigador 51 - map +385 52 735 199
    The restaurant is located between Dajla and Karigador. It is especially known for fish specialties and is at the very top of western Istrian gastronomy. . Most guests arrive from Italy. The restaurant is closed on Tuesdays

    Specialties: fish and seafood

    Additional information:
    Restaurant type: Fish restaurant
    Own car park: Yes
    Čok Sv. Antona 2 - map +385 52 757 643
    Čok tavern in the centre of Novigrad is the destination of lovers of sea delicacies and has been the ownership of the Jugovac family for many years. The dishes are prepared with fresh and natural produce. Closed on Wednesdays.

    Specialties: fish and seafood

    Additional information:
    Restaurant type: Fish restaurant
    Own car park: Yes
    Damir & Ornela Zidine 5 - map +385 52 758 134
    The restaurant is located in the old town core of Novigrad. It offers exclusively fresh Adriatic fish. High quality fish is prepared raw, the so called “Mediterranean sashimi”. The restaurant offers intimate atmosphere with only six tables and all attention is paid to the guest and food preparation.

    Specialties: fresh raw fish

    Additional information:
    Restaurant type: Fish restaurant
    Own car park: No
    Edi Rivarela 7, Novigrad +385 52 758 080
    El Bocon Sv. Antona 6, Novigrad +38552 422 444
    Fortuna Mareda bb, Novigrad +385 52 635 227
    Gatto blu Veliki trg 5 +385 52 726 353
    Gatto nero Zidine 10, Novigrad +385 52 255 555
    Giardin Sv. Maksima 5, Novigrad +385 91 210 9445
    Giovanni St. Rosello 30a - map +385 52 757 122
    Istra Veliki trg 5a, Novigrad +385 52 758 499
    Kod Kristijana Bolnička 8 - map +385 98 420 314
    Located in the peaceful part of the centre of Novigrad, the Tabasco tavern will welcome you with autochthonous Istrian dishes.

    Specialties: specialties with truffles and sea delicacies

    Additional information:
    Restaurant type: Tavern
    Own car park: No
    Kod Marice Murve 3b, Novigrad +385 52 757 217
    Kolo Kršin 37, Kršin +385 52 758 658
    La Trattoria Veliki trg 3, Novigrad +385 52 685 014
    Laco Murvi 66, Novigrad +385 757 824
    Libeico Rivarela 19, Novigrad +385 52 758 600
    Luna Rivarela 2, Novigrad +385 98 9082 679
    Lungomare Karpinjanska bb - map 385 52 649 331
    Lungomare restaurant and pizzeria is located only 20 metres away from the beach and is an excellent place for lunch on the beach or dinner after a day in the sun.

    Specialties: pizza, pasta, grill

    Additional information:
    Restaurant type: Restaurant and pizzeria
    Own car park: Yes
    Mamma Mia Torci 32, Novigrad +385 52 757 884
    Mandrač Mandrač 6, Novigrad +385 52 757 120
    Marina Sv.Antona 38 - map +385 98 90 492
    The restaurant is located on the first floor of the yellow family house situated across the entrance to the “Nautika” marina. The Marina restaurant is a modern, elegant, exclusively fish restaurant, without a fixed menu – the offer completely depends on the fresh fish catch.

    Specialties:creative fish dishes in courses, depending on the daily fresh fish catch

    Additional information:
    Restaurant type: Fish restaurant
    Own car park: No
    Morski val Murvi 3, Novigrad +385 52 757 381
    Navigare Sv.Antona 15 - map +385 52 600 400
    A modern restaurant located within the Nautica Marina and Hotel offers Mediterranean cuisine prepared in a modern way. A great selection of fish and meat dishes and wines. Guests can enjoy the beautiful view, as well as watch the food preparation in the open kitchen.

    Specialties: Mediterranean specialties

    Additional information:
    Restaurant type: Mediterranean specialties
    Own car park: Yes
    Nino Bužinija 21 - map +385 52 758 051
    Nino tavern is located on the road from Buje to Novigrad and often serves as a resting point. Domestic atmosphere, friendly staff, quality service and local specialties are responsible for the success of this tavern. Guests from Slovenia and Italy visit often.

    Specialties: Istrian prosciutto and cheese, beefsteak with truffles

    Additional information:
    Restaurant type: Istrian specialties
    Own car park: Yes
    Oliveto Terre 2 - map +385 52 858 630
    The restaurant is located within the “Maestral” hotel, a ten-minute walk away from the centre of Novigrad. The restaurant’s cuisine insists on fresh produce and quality, uses Vergal olive oil from Laguna Novigrad’s own production.

    Specialties: dishes based on fish, crabs and shells, meat dishes and an abundance of desserts. It also closely follows the modern culinary trends, so it will place more challenging creations with chocolate and Istrian truffles in front of the guests.

    Additional information:
    Restaurant type: Fish restaurant
    Own car park: Yes
    Parangal Mandrač bb, Novigrad +385 91 562 0626
    Park Mandrač 24 +385 98 965 1429
    Pepenero Porporela bb - map +385 52 757 706
    Pepenero restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Istria and is opened throughout the year. This is a place of superior gourmand pleasure, a modern cuisine with a dominantly fish menu. The restaurant has 30 seats.

    Specialties: marinated scampi, foamy scampi soup, ravioli stuffed with sea bass, sole carpaccio with honey.

    Additional information:
    Restaurant type: Fish restaurant
    Own car park: Yes
    Rivarela Rivarela 21, Novigrad +385 52 758 740
    Roma Murvi 5, Novigrad +385 98 957 0662
    Rotonda Rotonda 1, Novigrad +385 52 730 028
    San Benedetto Dajla 35, Dajla +385 52 735 484
    Santa Marija Gradska vrata 37 +385 52 757 444
    Sergio Šaini 2a - map +385 52 757 714
    Sergio tavern is located only around 200 metres away from the sea, right next to the beach and the marina, offering peace, relaxed atmosphere and the benefits of silence. The interior is in rustic style, with a fireplace dating back to 1700 and a ceiling built entirely out of wood, creating an especially pleasant atmosphere. On the beautiful terrace covered in greenery, you can taste their best home-made specialties combined with top quality wined.

    Specialties: fish and Istrian specialties

    Additional information:
    Restaurant type: Fish, meat and local specialties
    Own car park: Yes
    Sidro-All ancora Mandrač 5 - map +385 52 757 601
    Fish restaurant in the centre of Novigrad, right next to the sea, overlooking the port. The restaurant with the terrace has more than 30 seats. Apart from the fish, the restaurant’s menu also includes steak.

    Specialties: mixed grilled fish and spaghetti with lobster and seafood.

    Additional information:
    Restaurant type: Fish restaurant
    Own car park: Yes
    Spitz Karigador 82 - map +385 52 735 192
    Stars Rivarela 17, Novigrad +385 52 726 469
    Taverna Istriana Šaini 36, Dajla +385 52 735 120
    Točkica Murve 11, Novigrad +385 757 624
    Tomato Rotonda 2, novigrad +385 52 649 390
    Tri Palme Karpinjanska 16, Novigrad +385 52 757 081
    Vecchio Mulino Mlinska 8, Novigrad +385 52 647 451
    Vito Drage Gervaisa 4, Novigrad +385 525 757 276
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