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Olive oil producers in Novigrad region produce top quality olive oil. You can meet olive growers walking along olive roads, but you also have the possibility to select olive oil producers directly from our list and plan your visit. Most of them offer presentations of olive oil producing and unforgettable experience of olive oil tasting. Their products can be bought during the visit. Olive oil producers in Novigrad region and their locations are listed below.

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    Name Address Phone
    Al Torcio Cesta Contessa 22a - map +385 52 758 093
    Own production, processing, bottling and sale. Two nicely decorated areas for tasting, for up to 50 visitors. The quality of oils puts them at the very top in various global evaluations every year.

    Products: Monocultivar Leccino, Ascolana, Itrana, Moraiolo, Rosulj

    More information:
    Babić Stancija Vinjeri 27 - map +385 98 335 460
    The modern oil mill is a family company with 8 hectares of plantations. It processes its own olives, which give first-class extra virgin olive oil.

    Products: Extra virgin olive oil

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    Červar Franko Sveti Servul 7b, Bužinija +385 52 758 091
    It is a part of the Flos Olei guidebook. It owns 7 hectares of olive groves and a wide range of olive sorts. The one that especially stands out is Červar extra virgin olive oil, of golden yellow colour with gentle green tones. It is excellently combined with fish specialties, roasted poultry, rabbit meat and salads.

    Products: Červar extra virgin olive oil

    More information:
    L'olio Glagoljaša 13 +385 95 9099 666
    The Ferenac family has been growing olives and manufacturing olive oil for around 30 years. The carefully selected olive sorts grow from the red soul located near the sea. The carefully determined share of each sort results in L’oio, the extra virgin olive oil of Ferenac olive grove, which is made no later than eight hours after the harvested fruit, in order to keep all the scents of the flowers and green nature.

    Products: L'oio extra virgin olive oil

    More information:
    Olivarum Histria Murve 76, Novigrad +385 98 9522 551
    Quieto Stancija Vinjeri 26a +385 52 757 179 / +385 98 501 357
    Their family has been dealing with olive growing since the beginning of 1960s. They cultivate 10 ha of olive groves with a total of 3000 olive trees of the following sorts: bjelica, lecino, pendolino, moraiolo and oblica. They manufacture monosort olive oils from bjelica and a blend of other sort. They have an arranged area for direct purchase of oils in bottles of 0.25 l, 0.5 l, 1l or bulk.

    Products: extra virgin olive oil

    More information:
    Rheos Belvedere 48, Dajla +385 97 782 9468
    Rheos is being produced by Andrea Brečević on the Kamponovo location, near the Novigrad settlement Dajla. This oil is a mixture of five different blends: Leccino, Pendolino, Frantoio, Buža and Istrian Bjelica. He strives to extract the very best and proper characteristic of each particular sort, which makes the oil extremely rich and complex.

    Products: virgin olive oil

    More information:
    Vergal - Laguna Novigrad Tere bb - map +385 52 858 601
    Olive groves are located right next to the sea, on the north-western coast of Istria. The estate stretches over 8 ha, on which leccino, pendolino and frantoio sorts are represented. The mixing of such oils gives the Vergal blend, whose flavour and aroma has been winning many recognitions in international exhibitions and satisfying the most discerning palates all over Europe for years.

    Products: extra virgin olive oil Vergal – frantoio, leccino

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