Dalibor Martinis: ‘I am addressing you man to man’ (2003), an exhibition

  • 14May
  • ~
  • 13Jun



Gallery Rigo

Phone: +385 52 726 582

A presentation of the map entitled ‘I am addressing you man to man / 100 stops on the road to democracy’, 2021, a 5-piece edition.

A scrupulous actionism project, realised in Istria in the spring of 2003 during Croatia's general election. It draws ties to early Martinis from 1978, and is documented by a hundred black-and-white photographs of unsightly and lone bus stop shelters, curious hybrids of the traditional Istrian architecture and handy, uniform road ‘furniture’. Every shape has its own autonomy and raw beauty, and is accompanied by short and concise democratic messages advocating a different world. In this way, the artist forthrightly readdresses his Istrian audience ahead of the local elections in 2021.

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