Red Hot Chili Peppers Real Tribute Band concert

  • 16Sep



Booze and Blues Novigrad

Phone: 052 600 456

Tags : Entertainment , Destinations , Events , Novigrad

Booze and Blues Novigrad invites on Red Hot Chili Peppers Real Tribute Band, this Friday from 10:30 pm!

Band that traveled all over the world; Brazil, India, Dominican Republic, Russia, Malta, Switzerland, France etc., returns to Croatia once more, but this time in our Booze and Blues in Novigrad.

Band copies the entire performance and plays the greatest hits of this legendary group, including songs by RHCP which are never performed live, and those are the songs from the album "One Hot Minute". Red Hot Chili Peppers Tribute Band has recorded a high number of visitors for its exceptional performance and incredible energy transmitted to the audience.

If you want to be a part of this hot atmosphere, join us on Friday from 22:30.

Entrance is free and parking is secured!

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