Street Art Festival: Magical NoviGrad

  • 18Jun
  • ~
  • 19Jun

Veliki trg, Novigrad


County Novigrad-Cittanova, Novigrada-Cittanova Tourist Bord

Phone: +385 52 757 075

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On 18 and 19 June, the Magical NoviGrad Street Art Festival will bring a dash of magic and a unique atmosphere to the streets, squares and parks of the old town centre.

The inspiring atmosphere of Novigrad’s historical town centre will once again host world-class street artists from the whole world – jugglers, performers, stilt walkers, street theatre artists, clowns and other street magicians whose circus antics, tricks, humour and warmth will fascinate and amaze young and old alike.

A stroll through the old town centre during the evening will be a special experience as you can expect something new, different, interesting and special on every corner thanks to the fantastic street magicians who will take over Novigrad during the festival.
Don’t be surprised if they include you in their performance as you watch or even just stroll by, turning you into a little gear in their carefully designed, yet spontaneous and relaxed machine of good fun and great vibes.

The entire programme is entirely free of charge and it is intended for the general public: young and old, locals and foreign visitors because street art knows no boundaries or barriers...

Unique, carefully designed "magical" scenography – such as the multi-coloured hanging umbrellas that arch over streets, the colourfully "dressed" centuries-old pine trees, and the balcony of the town palace specially decorated with tons of beach balls – add to Magical NoviGrad’s special atmosphere.

Join us in Magical NoviGrad and take a small step into the great world of imagination...

Download the program.

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