Cittanova Blues Zero

  • 24Jun
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  • 25Jun

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24 & 25 June 2022, Novigrad’s main square, 9 pm

A brand new and exciting music festival will take place in Novigrad on the last weekend of June, bringing outstanding international music to the square under the bell tower. The Cittanova Blues Zero festival is a turning point in the town’s music history.

What Boško Petrović started nearly 30 years ago is back with a new team at the helm and a fresh take on the old blues signature. The 2018 and 2019 winners of Croatian Blues Challenge, Novigrad’s Denis Makin and Leo Anđelković from The Screaming Wheels together with Davor Hačić had the opportunity to prove themselves in Memphis in front of a demanding blues audience which was impressed by their performance. Now, they are making their dream of a blues festival in Novigrad come true and this is just an overture to what will be developed in the coming years.

On Friday, 24 June and Saturday, 25 June, the big stage of Novigrad’s main square will see an excellent line-up of blues musicians from Croatia, Italy, and the US, bringing different expressions of blues and rock to the local audience from 9 pm to midnight. Both evenings will be concluded by a jam session of all the performers, which will be nothing short of a creative showcase of the mind-blowing skills of the gathered musicians.

FRIDAY, 24 June

  • 9 pm: Edi East Trans Blues Band 
  • 9.50 pm: Gennaro Porcelli
  • 11.15 pm: Riccardo Staraj and Midnight BB 
  • midnight: Jam session Pub9


  • 9 pm: Franco Toro and Marco Pandolfi 
  • 9.50 pm: Barbara Blue 
  • 11.15 pm: The Screaming Wheels
  • midnight: Jam session Pub9

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