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If you are a passionate about sports, cultural events, concerts, parties for children or the night life, a small fishing town known as Novigrad guarantees plenty of fun and unforgettable events for all age groups. Some of the most particular and popular events in Novigrad are the Gnam Gnam-Fest, Astro party Lunasa, Street Art Festival, Ethno music under the bell tower and the Ex-tempore art competition. In front of you is a list of all upcoming events happening in Novigrad and the surrounding area.


Wine & Walk by the sea

  • 30Oct
Put your sneakers on, it’s wine o’clock! The fourth edition of Wine & Walk by the sea is right around the corner. The arrival of autumn in Istria is best paired with a walk by the sea and a glass of wine! That’s why we’re inviting you to enjoy the finest wines of Novigrad and delicious Istrian food, while strolling along the green seascapes with a view of the charming town centre.  This time of the year reveals the most beautiful and generous side of northwestern Istria, dressed in warm autumn colours and delicious ripe grapes. So gather ...

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Event Location: Novigrad

Roberto Ghezzi: Naturografie

  • 08Oct
  • ~
  • 30Nov
An ambient art installation capturing the bond between MAN and NATURE, while transforming art into landscape (Land Art) and vice versa. The exhibition focuses on the works created in the summer of 2019 at the Mirna river estuary, a protected bird reserve, among the few left in the Mediterranean. Having completed extensive research studies of the estuary's aesthetic, physical, chemical and biological properties, Roberto Ghezzi (Corona, Arezzo) used the river as an installation in which he left his canvases deposited for months, thus ...

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