The cultural achievements of Novigrad can proudly stand up to those of many larger towns. The contemporary museum, Lapidarium, fascinates visitors with its exhibits and design, while Rigo, a small gallery, has secured a bit of fame on the global scale. The preserved churches and palaces bear witness to the long cultural history of this region.


A Venetian legacy: a town enclosed by walls

Novigrad walls
The old nucleus of Novigrad was once entirely surrounded by defensive walls. Today only fragments of these walls have been preserved. The town was fortified in the thirteenth century with the coming of Venetian rule. In the turbulent times of warring between the powerful Italian ports of Venice and Genoa for supremacy in the Adriatic, Novigrad was finally forced to acknowledge Venetian rule in 1270, with fortification beginning shortly after. The walls of Novigrad were the result of the painstaking labour of Istrian craftsmen, who used ...

Bell tower - original Novigrad souvenir

Are you looking for an original souvenir, a symbol of your stay in Novigrad, that is both high-quality and made to high ecological standards? Novigrad artist Stelio Pauletić has just such an idea in mind - he chose the town's bell-tower as a motif and interpreted it with a hint of humour and liveliness characteristic of this gem of the Istrian coast. Why the bell-tower? The bell-tower dominates the vista of the town and is one of the most recognizable elements of local heritage. Once all festivities, ceremonies and gatherings were held ...

Lapidarium, a museum for a new age

Established several years ago and managed by a team of young professionals, Lapidarium Museum has helped usher Novigrad into a new millennium that poses novel challenges to towns in presenting their cultural heritage. The building housing the museum is in itself a curiosity. It is designed as two black boxes set in a ...
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Novigrad and Charlemagne

Through the centuries, Novigrad has seen the rise and fall of many rulers and great empires. Napoleon and his troops reached Novigrad, as did Charlemagne, ruler of the medieval Frankish state and founder of the Carolingian Dynasty, a thousand years earlier. In the Carolingian era, Novigrad acquired the attributes of a ...
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The Naval Collection

In the old town of Novigrad, the rich historical and cultural heritage is supplemented by the attractive and diverse collection of Gallerion, the naval collection of the historical Austro-Hungarian Royal Navy. You can use the walk through the city to get in touch with the culture of living of that historical period ...
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Novigrad's Romanesque Crypt

In church architecture, a crypt is a stone chamber beneath a church floor. It was used as a chapel or a room for safekeeping relics. Crypts originated from catacombs, underground tunnels and chambers from the first centuries of the Common Era in which early Christian communities held services and buried their dead. ...
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