Lonely Planet: Istria among the best in 2011

Lonely Planet, the celebrated travel guide publisher, has placed Istria at number two position on its famed list of 10 must-see world regions. The selection, together with a description of Istria and its attractions, was published in the Best in Travel 2011, an annual guidebook with more than 200 pages on which Lonely Planet proposes the most attractive and exciting countries, regions and cities from around the world.

A prestigious travel guide reveals the charms of Istria

Lonely Planet describes Istria as a region rich in cultural heritage, with exciting gastronomy, a mild climate year round, an abundance of diverse landscapes, and providing a variety of experiences and attractions ranging from dinosaur tracks, a Roman amphitheatre and a Byzantine basilica to blue and green sea coves and the caves, to mention only a few. Anja Mutić, the author of the text, describes the many festivals and events taking place in Istria and highlights its attractions, such as the Brijuni National Park, truffle hunting in Buzet, the picturesque town of Motovun, and tasting native wines and olives oils in Istrian cellars.

Istria has won its place alongside world-famous destinations

On the list of must-see regions of 2011, Istria is listed side by side with Sinai in Egypt, the Marquesas volcanic islands of the South Pacific, Chilean Patagonia, the West Coast of the USA, Cappadocia in Turkey, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the Westfjords of Iceland, the Shetland Islands of Scotland and the Gills islands of Indonesia. The must-see list was compiled based on suggestion from Lonely Planet correspondents and writers and on information gathered from travel associations, bloggers and Twitter users.

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