Štrukli From Zagorje

Even Tina Turner Was Enchanted by Štrukli From Zagorje

Typically Croatian, they were tasted even by HRH Queen Elisabeth, the American president Carter, marshal Tito, even the popular Tina Turner, who did not remain indifferent. They are štrukli from Zagorje, a trademark of the continental Croatian gastronomy, especially in the Croatian Zagorje.

Protected cultural good registered at the Ministry of Culture

This is one of the rare dishes in Croatia that can boast to be typically Croatian, and included at the list of the protected cultural heritage by the Ministry of Culture, being a real gastronomic band. This dish has therefore also been introduced to the menus of the hotels and restaurants at the Adriatic, in order to improve the Croatian gastronomic offers.

A traditional speciality of continental Croatia

This really simple traditional specialty has risen from the villages in Zagorje, and it is served, as in the old times, as a soup, hors-d’oeuvre, dessert, main course and the individual light course. A part of almost daily menu in poor families in the old times, they evolved by simple combination of several ingredients that all housewives of Zagorje had at home - eggs, cottage cheese, and sour cream.

Štrukli have remained a popular and wanted dish which is also made with apples, poppy or grated pumpkin. It is also interesting that every area of continental Croatia prepares štrukle in their own way, so there is no unique recipe.

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