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There are many winemakers in Buje and its region. All of them produce quality Istrian and Croatian wines. Visitors can meet some of the best Croatian winemakers walking along wine roads or by choosing winemakers directly from out list. Their products can be purchased but prior to that, winemakers will surely offer a presentations of winemaking process followed by wine degustation. Winemakers in Buje region and their locations are listed below.

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    Name Address Phone
    Bassanese Andrea Kaštel 125 - map +385 98 164 7665
    Brajko Anđelo Oskoruš 48 - map +385 52 779 077
    Clai Bijele Zemlje Brajki 104 - map +385 52 776 175
    Gambaletto Brajki 103 - map +385 52 776 293
    Irineo Celega Garibaldi 43 - map +385 91 511 5157
    Kozlović Valle 78 - map +385 52 779 177
    The philosophy of the Kozlović winery rests on the family tradition that has lasted for 4 generationswhich have always worked on promoting and perfecting the quality of autochthonous Istrian wine sorts: Malvazija Istarska, Muškat momjanski, Teran and Muškat ruža. Many prizes in world competitions are a confirmation of success in raising the wine quality.

    Wines: Malvazija Istarska, Violetta, Valle, Malvazija Santa Lucia, Muskat, Teran,Mediteran, Sorbus, Lacrime blanc

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    Prelac Armando & Rino Donja ulica 48 a - map +385 52 779 003
    Sinković San Mauro 107 - map +385 52 779 033
    Vina Franković Trg J.B. Tita 6 095 582 8497
    Our brand represents a genuine way of wine production, made with personal intense attention to detail, design and care. These wines are born on a location called Santa Lucia, near Buje. As an area with white Istrian soil, this location is known like the mother of exceptional wines and producer of a unique Malvazija. Santa Lucia is the patron saint of family's wine portfolio – bottles that are filled with experiences, dreams and lasting memories that persist as a taste of a true artist's imagination and Istrian wine's magic. Indulge your senses with a magical experience by tasting our wines. In addition, we are also producers of olive oil, which we have named Amfiterra, characterized with a unique fresh flavour, richness and mistery.

    Wines: > Malvazija, Chardonnay, Suvignon, Rose, Cabernet Sauvignon, Teran, Momjanski muškat Luna Blanca, odležana Malvazija- Korona, Pjenušac Stella, Momjan muskat passito Luna d' Oro.

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