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The refreshing taste of Istria

In 2013, the brewery of San Servolo was born just a few kilometers away from the town of Buje in northwestern Istria, claiming its name after the patron of the town. Brewing its beer according to the German Beer Purity Act of 1516, San Servolo uses only four ingredients to craft the perfect glass: barley malt, hops, yeast and natural spring water from the source of Saint Ivan (located in the Mirna River Valley). You can sample their six varieties and visit the San Servolo Brewery to try beer-inspired cuisines such as beer soup or even, beeramisu! Here’s a more detailed look into what you can expect to taste:

Light Beer - A golden-yellow color, brewed from a carefully selected Pilsner malt and flavored with two varieties of Bavarian hops, giving this beer a scent of blooming fields followed by a subtle bitter taste.

Premium Red Lager - Its distinctive red ruby color and flavor of carmelized roasted barley is achieved by an exquisite blend of two malt varieties. Its refreshing taste and distinctive bitterness pairs particularly well with spicy dishes.

Dark Lager - A creamy light beer featuring a luxurious coffee aroma with a touch of chocolate, making it the ideal refreshment for a chilly winter’s day.

Gold - Brewed with twice the amount of the standard quantity of hops with a maturation process lasting twice as long. This brilliant brew is our most precious one yet!

India Pale Ale - Crafted from the finest varieties of English malt and hops, this beer has a dominant floral aroma.

American Pale Ale - A special beer brewed following the tradition of English IPA featuring hops cultivated by Native American tribes giving this beer an exclusive aroma, not found among European varieties of hops.

Whether you choose to try one, or try them all, you’ll surely enjoy indulging in any one of their master brews.


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