Umag Park and Ride

You are ready to explore Umag and its surroundings and bicycle is your favourite mean of transportation? In that case, you will surely enjoy the services offered by the Istrian public bicycle transportation service - Park and Ride Umag.

Rent a bike for a few hours and enjoy!

What is the Park and Ride service?

The PARK AND RIDE system is the first public transport service using bicycles in Umag. You can use it within the area of the town and in the Camping Park Umag.

By checking in at Istria Experience info points (Polynesia, Katoro, Stella Maris, Punta, Camping Park Umag) or by inserting a credit card directly to the terminal, you get a code to use a public bicycle.

The Park and Ride system can be used daily, 7 days a week between 6.00 a.m. and midnight.

Park and Ride does not guarantee that the users will have a bicycle available for use at any given time (according to user preferences) , or a free stand for replacing it. In that case the user can take a bicycle from the next station with available stands, or will have to return the bicycle to the first next station with a free stand. Information on available bicycles, or free stands are available to users on every pylon.

Does Park and Ride imply some sort of insurance?

If the user does not return the bicycle after 24 hours from the time they started using it or brings it back damaged, Park and Ride will not return the user's deposit, but will keep it on the basis of the agreed penalty, or compensation.

The user uses the bicycle at his own risk. The user takes full responsibility for any damage he causes. This also applies to complaints from a third person, but does not affect claims for reimbursements.
The user is responsible for all additional damage and costs that may occur if he/she fails to cooperate with the investigation team while determining damage and searching for the perpetrator. Park and Ride is responsible for intentional and gross negligence that could cause harm to users. Park and Ride is not responsible for items users carry in the baskets.

At what age is it possible to use the service?

Use of the service is allowed to adults (older than 18 years). Use of the service is not allowed to persons under the age of 18 ( unless they are accompanied by the adult that rented the bicycle; in that case the adult takes full responsibility for their actions and possible damage that might occur while the underage person is using the service).

Use of helmets

Park and Ride recommends the use of helmets, and children under the age of 16 are obliged to wear a helmet.

How will I know if I have returned the bicycle correctly?

The symbol of a locked padlock at the parking place shows you if the bicycle has been returned correctly.


What should I do if the parking place does not lock the bicycle?

Repeat the procedure at a different stand.
Leave the bicycle in the stand and wait for the sound signal. If the parking was successful the symbol of a locked padlock should appear on the stand. If the symbol does not appear or a X sign appears call +385 52 385 350

In case of an emergency call +385 52 385 350

Is it possible to take more bicycles at the same time?

Yes, you can take more than one bicycle with one card (max 4 bicycles).

What should I do if I have returned a bicycle, but cannot take another one?

Maybe you did not lock the bicycle correctly. Always check that the bicycle is locked correctly on the parking place indicator. Wait or call +385 52 385 350 or contact the nearest Istria Experience info point.

There are bicycles at the stand, but I cannot take any of them. Why?

This happens when the system detects a malfunction and when a bicycle is blocked because it is not suitable for use. This situation is indicated by a red cross on the parking indicator.

When do I stop being responsible for the bicycle?

The user is responsible for the bicycle from the moment he takes it until he returns it correctly to the stand.

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