Istria Granfondo 2018.

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  • 07Oct

Umag and Novigrad


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Note the dates 05. - 07. October 2018 and sign up for the international cycling marathon Istria Granfondo. The sevnth edition of the marathon with the start and finish line in Umag and Novigrad will offer an even richer program this year.

The real challenge comes on Saturday, in Umag, on the routes for the bold and physically fit. Choose between the 90 km long route of Istria Granfondo Small and 136 km long route of Istria Granfondo Classic. Granfondo Classic passes through the central part of the Istrian peninsula, through Oprtalj, Motovun and returns to Northwest Istria. Both races start and finish in the beautiful Stella Maris Resort, just next to the ATP stadium in Umag. In order to catch your breath on the way, we have prepared a total of 6 refreshment stops.

On Sunday, Istria Granfondo Family & Gourmet Tour will take you on a 25 km long recreational ride around Novigrad and its surroundings, along the shore, through olive groves and vineyards. Cyclists will enjoy the views and tastings of Istrian dishes at the refreshment stops.

The marathon that brought together as many as 800 cyclists from 16 different countries, more than 300 members in the organization team, 150 volunteers as well as members of various cycling teams, this year has 120 prizes in store for the best cyclists and 20 prizes for the most numerous teams.

The rich accompanying program of 2018 offers well-known bicycle brands in the Expo zone, a children's program, Zumba kids, a bike balance competition, Wine & Bike Sea Tour, a fashion show, rich gourmet offer and most importantly - great atmosphere.

Welcome to Umag and Novigrad to the 7th Istria Granfondo!


Istria Granfondo VIDEO production:

Date: October 5th - October 7th 2018
Location: Umag and Novigrad

Meeting point and Start

  • Saturday, October 6th, 2018 - Tennis center Stella Maris in Umag
    09:30 - Istria Granfondo Classic 136 km (1.450 m altitude)
    09:30 - Istria Granfondo Small 90 km (880 m altitude)
  • Sunday, October 7th, 2018 - riva Porporela in Novigrad
    10:00 - Istria Granfondo Family&Gourmet Tour 25 km (for families and children over 10)

Download technical guide: Download (PDF)


Jadranska 66
52470 Umag


  • Tourism Offices of Umag, Novigrad, Buie and Brtonigla
  • Hotel companies Plava Laguna d.d. and Aminess hotels & campsites
  • Tourist Department of Region of Istria




Istria Granfondo Classic - long course


  • Starting place: Umag (tennis center Stella Maris)
  • Arrival: Umag (tennis center Stella Maris)
  • Course:Umag – Novigrad – Tar – Višnjan – Tićan – Baderna – Tinjan – Sv. Petar u šumi – Pazin – Škropeti – Motovun – Livade – Oprtalj – Šterna – Kremenje – Momjan – Kaštel – Plovanija – Savudrija – Umag (Stella Maris)
  • Length: 136 km
  • Differnce of elevation: 1.450 m


The track encompasses all the diversity of Istria, which makes it particularly interesting. From a competitive point of view, the track is not too demanding – the only ascent is to Oprtalj, which begins at the 78th kilometre and is 6 kilometres in length, with an altitude difference of 300 metres, and therefore clearly represents a selective part of the track. Prepare a gear of at least 39x25, or even 39x27. Most likely, the group will have been significantly reduced up to this point. After the ascent, more than 40 kilometres remain to the finish line, which gives everybody a chance to catch up with the race. Between the 91st and the 93rd kilometre you will encounter two humps on the road – we recommend that you prepare well for them mentally, as they are steep and break up the rhythm, particularly if you're already at your limit. Passing through Momjan is the technically most demanding part of the race, particularly when it comes to the descent towards Valle at the 100th kilometre – the road is very narrow, with sharp turns that demand precision and skill. The scenery is bound to leave everyone breathless. The last 20 kilometres of the race, descending slowly towards Umag, are very fast and favour groups that homogeneously work together. Nearing the finish line, keep your wits about you and play it smart. Entering the last turn that is locates less than 100 metres from the finish line is of key importance here – anything worse than entering it first is not good.


Download course map & altitude:   Download (5 MB; PDF)

Istria Granfondo Small - short course


  • Starting place: Umag (tennis center Stella Maris)
  • Arrival: Umag (tennis center Stella Maris)
  • Course: Umag - Novigrad – Tar - Višnjan – Tićan – Vižinada – Ponte Porton – Bijele Zemlje – Marušići – Kremenje – Momjan – Kaštel – Plovanija – Savudrija – Umag (Stella Maris)
  • Length: 90 km
  • Differnce of elevation: 880 m


This track is exceptionally interesting and, above all, dynamic. Be cautious between the 50th and 54th kilometre of the track –two sharp bumps on the road before Momjan will break up the rhythm, while the technically demanding descent through Momjan and immediately after it demands your full attention. The track offers an opportunity to catch up and enter the group for the winning sprint. Within the sprint itself, there is an obstacle in the form of a 90-degree turn less than 100 from the finish line – aim for first place if you want to win the race. The landscape and its diversity are sure to delight you.


Download course map & altitude:   Download (5 MB; PDF)

Istria Granfondo Family&Gourmet Tour - Details:

  • Starting place: Novigrad (Riva Porporela)
  • Arrival: Novigrad (Riva Porporela)
  • Course: Novigrad - Mareda - Fermići - Karigador - Radini - Fiorini - Bužinija - Paolija - Novigrad
  • Length: 25 km
  • Differnce of elevation: 215 m