Adriatic Sea-Mediterranean

Adriatic Sea

The Adriatic Sea, the pearl of the Mediterranean, has inspired and lured travellers since times immemorial. Discover its clear, blue waters here in north-western Istria where Cape Savudrija, Croatia’s most western point, just into the sea. Sea along the western coast of Istria is considered one of the cleanest seas in Europe. Sail in its numerous romantic bays and see for yourselves.


Protected Istrian sea bivalves

If you dive into the depths of Istria’s undersea world, you might find one of its protected species of bivalves attached to a rock or buried in the sand. Most of these protected bivalves are relatively easy to catch by hand. Some are appealing because of their delicious meat, others because of the beauty of their shells. In order to act appropriately and contribute to environmental protection, before you dive, learn which shellfish you are not allowed to catch or eat in restaurants.

The Naval Collection

Gallerion - The Naval Collection in Novigrad
In the old town of Novigrad, the rich historical and cultural heritage is supplemented by the attractive and diverse collection of Gallerion, the naval collection of the historical Austro-Hungarian Royal Navy. You can use the walk through the city to get in touch with the culture of living of that historical period and learn about the living evidence of the past times. The naval collection will show you the secrets and plans of the navy on historical activity at the wider area of the Adriatic, just like a real time machine. It will show ...

A Safe Harbour - Mandrač in Novigrad

The nature has always made itself shelters and bulwarks from the stormy winds, high sea waves and the tempests. Such shelters, bays or “mandrač” areas, became places where people stayed, and it served as a shelter to the first settlers who established a small village in this area. Throughout the times, Mandrač in ...
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Umag Marina

ACI Umag Marina has 475 sea berths and 40 places to accommodate the boats at the land, equipped with the running water and electricity connections. Marina will surprise you with its quality and, above all, useful offers that include all living necessities. At the reception, there are a restaurant, exchange office, ...
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Novigrad Marina Nautica

Novigrad’s walls had for centuries embrace and protect its rich and long tradition, which is deeply linked to the Adriatic Sea that surrounds the town. The bond between the population and the sea industry is huge. In fact, to this day, the Adriatic Sea represented life, survival and continued existence for Novigrad ...
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