Istria Bike Guide

Northwestern Istria Bike Guide

The bike trails of northwestern Istria are some of the most attractive in Istria. The good connections between the coastal area and the undulating hinterland lead to some unbelievably beautifulviewpoints, amazing sea views and the hill of Gornja Bujština.
Bit by bit, the trails climb up to the highest point that is located at around 400m above sea level. Asides from the beauty scenery, these demanding and less demanding signposted trails offer a wonderful eno-gastronomic experience, historical-cultural monuments, and a way to get to know authentic Istria.
Some of the most beautiful and most interesting trails are: Momjan Muscat Trail (32.8 km), Treasure Hunt in the Umag Riviera (16.2 km), the Trail of the Istrian Malvasia (35.6 km), the Riviera of Flavour and Tradition (14.6 km), St. Peregrine Trail (35.9 km), St, Pelagius Trail (34.1 km), Montanara Trail (93.5 km), Salviana Trail (42.6), Railway line Parenzana (61 km)...

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