Camping in Istria

Camping in Istria

Seeking new paths of sustainable development, campsites in Istria have enriched their harmonious relationship with nature through modern dimensions. Modernising campsites has raised this relationship to new, unsurmised levels.Thus, camping gained a new ecological dimention. Today we take pride in having the largest number of 4-star camps in all of Croatia, existing in harmony with their blue and green environment.


CampingIN Park Umag receives the ADAC award

Campsite Park Umag
CampingIN Park Umag was again crowned with the ADAC BestCamping award, replacing the present ADAC’s and ANWB’s awards for excellence in quality, Superplatz and Euro-top. The recognition was published in ADAC’s and ANWB’s guide for 2013. This is a campsite which has been awarded numerous recognitions and rewards over the years. It was crowned with the “Superplatz” title in 2009 and 2010. Since 2007, CampingIN Park Umag has been proudly displaying ADAC’s “Yellow Plaque”, a recognition awarded by inspectors to campsites achieving ...

An unforgettable camping destination

The highly rated camps of northwestern Istria situated on the Adriatic shore beckon to a dream summer holiday and relaxation in Mediterranean nature. From elite camps in the Umag surroundings to Mareda in the vicinity of Novigrad, these green holiday oases inspire the imagination of travellers and boast with hundreds of meters of developed beaches, sports courses, promenades and groves. As winner of the highest ADAC recognitions, excellent CampingIN Park Umag is a large community of campers from all parts of Europe. It operates in ...

History of camping

Although the beginnings of camping date back to the 19th century, camping as a way of spending leisure time became popular in the 20th century. Today, it is estimated that in the area of Central Europe alone, some 30 million guests are regular or occasional visitors of campsites. Camping is about going back to ...
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