Istria Winter Cup 2016.

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Umag and Novigrad



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Everything is ready for Istria Winter Cup where first-league teams from the region and the European Union will try their strengths against each other in Novigrad and Umag, on January 31st  until February 7th!
In its sixth edition, this football tournament, which made it into the calendars of the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) and the Croatian Football Federation (HNS), reaffirms the qualities which made it recognizable to top clubs and sports-hungry audience.

Football players will test their current skills in face-off with foreign adversaries, simultaneously preparing for the spring resumption of the championship by taking advantage of the benefits of sports destinations of Umag and Novigrad – superior accommodation and sports fields, excellent food, mild climate and a variety of services created through the cooperation of experienced sports and tourist employees.

As the spectators of the two previous editions have come to know, this sports manifestation is a real treat for football lovers. Join us, enjoy the matches of selected football professionals and celebrate the beauty of sports.

Watch the video of the Istria Winter Cup 2015.

Welcome to Istria Winter Cup!

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Date: 31.01.-07.02.2016. 
Location: Umag and Novigrad

Short history of the tournament

Four teams participated in the first edition of Istria Winter Cup in Novigrad. The winner’s trophy went to FC Rijeka (Croatia), which won the final match against FC Keckemeti (Hungary) with a 2:1 score. The other two participants were FC Novigrad (Croatia) and FC Pomorac (Croatia).

In the 2013, the foundations of this international event were strengthened in Novigrad and Umag, with six participating clubs, including the winning FC Keckemeti (Hungary), which beat FC Ista Pula (Croatia) with 2:1 in an excellent final showdown worthy of the quality of the tournament, FC Pomorac (Croatia), FC Domžale (Slovenia), FC Koper (Slovenia) and FC Žalgiris (Lithuania).

Eight teams participated at the third edition of this international football event held in Novigrad and Umag. The tournament was divided into two groups, in which European and Croatian first and second league teams competed against each other. In the exciting finals, the winner's cup was won by the players of the Austrian first league team, Wolfsberger AC, which scored 2:1 against FC Istra 1961. The feisty players of Pomorac (Croatia) took third place by beating Široki Brijeg (Bosnia-Herzegovina) 2:1.

Former winners:
2011 - FC Rijeka (Croatia)
2012 - FC Keckemeti (Hungary)
2013 - Wolfsberger AC (Austria)
2014 - NK Novigrad (Croatia)
2015. - HŠK Zrinjski ( Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Hosts of the tournament

Umag, situated on the west Istrian coast, in the immediate vicinity of Slovenia and Italy, is the westernmost town in Croatia. With its fourteen thousand inhabitants, it is a well-known important sports destination with quality infrastructure, the host of a big ATP tournament and, lately, football and handball centre. It is nearby Umag that the first competitive golf course in Istria was constructed several years ago. Umag is an inevitable destination for winter preparations of football clubs and teams and frequently hosts football tournaments and professional gatherings of the highest rank.

Hotel Sol Garden Istra in Umag is distinguished by its unique combination of contemporary design and authentic Istrian motifs, only a hundred meters from the sea. Its offer includes the Sport Art centre with football, handball and basketball courts, a congress centre, as well as numerous activities for professional and amateur athletes and whole families, from the outdoor water park to its wellness centre.

Novigrad is a town with the population of four thousand people, high standard of living and a well-developed municipal infrastructure, situated 15 km south of Umag. It is distinguished by its unique combination of seaboard beauty and sports spirit, renowned for its fishing tradition and superior gastronomic offer. It is an excellent host to football teams looking for favourable training conditions and general improvement. The development of sports facilities was crowned with the construction of the new contemporary sports hall.

Although the bike-hotel title of the four star Hotel Maestral in Novigrad indicates its readiness to accommodate especially cyclists, it also offers benefits for all other professional and amateur athletes – from the contemporary wellness centre with swimming pool and gym, to the vicinity of the sea, which is only some 50 m away, sports courts and a new hall, doctor's surgery and the centre of picturesque Novigrad.




Teams - Istria Winter Cup 2015

NK Zavrč

HŠK Zrinjski

Gyirmot SE

FK Borac Banja Luka

CFR Cluj

FK Novi Pazar

NK Novigrad

ND Ilirija 1911



Schedule 2015.


FK Novi Pazar (Serbia)   HŠK Zrinjski (BiH)
NK Zavrč (Slovenia)   CFR Cluj ( Romania)
FK Borac Banja Luka (BiH)   Gyirmót FC ( Hungary)
ND Ilirija (Slovenia)   NK Novigrad (Croatia)
13,00h - "Gradski stadion", Umag
15,00h - "Stadion Laco", Novigrad
FK Novi Pazar - ND Ilirija
FK Borac Banja Luka - NK Zavrč
13,00h - "Gradski stadion", Umag
15,00h - "Stadion Laco", Novigrad
CFR Cluj - Gyirmót FC
HŠK Zrinjski - NK Novigrad
13,00h - "Gradski stadion", Umag
15,00h - "Stadion Laco", Novigrad
NK Zavrč - ND Ilirija
FK Borac Banja Luka - FK Novi Pazar
13,00h - "Gradski stadion", Umag
15,00h - "Stadion Laco", Novigrad
CFR Cluj - NK Novigrad
HŠK Zrinjski - Gyirmót FC

18,00h - Sports Hall, Novigrad
Exhibition game
"Vatreni" - "Istria Winter Cup Selection"
13,00h - "Gradski stadion", Umag
15,00h - "Stadion Laco", Novigrad
FK Borac Banja Luka - ND Ilirija
FK Novi Pazar - NK Zavrč
13,00h - "Gradski stadion", Umag
15,00h - "Stadion Laco", Novigrad
NK Novigrad - Gyirmót FC
HŠK Zrinjski - CFR Cluj
13,00h - "Stella Maris", Umag

15,00h - "Laguna Novigrad", Novigrad
ND Ilirija - NK Novigrad
Match for 7th place

FK Borac Banja Luka - Gyirmót FC
Match for 5th place
11,30h - "Gradski stadion", Umag

14,00h - "Stadion Laco", Novigrad
FK Novi Pazar - CFR Cluj
Match for 3th place

NK Zavrč - HŠK Zrinjski


Sunday, 08.02.2015.
FINALS | NK Zavrč - HŠK Zrinjski 0:0 (3:4)*
FK Novi Pazar - CFR Cluj 1:3

Saturday, 07.02.2015.
FK Borac Banja Luka - Gyirmót FC 1:1 (4:6)*
ND Ilirija - NK Novigrad 1:1 (3:5)*

Friday, 06.02.2015.
NK Novigrad - Gyirmót FC 1:2
HŠK Zrinjski - CFR Cluj 0:1

Thursday, 05.02.2015.
FK Borac Banja Luka - ND Ilirija 1:1
FK Novi Pazar - NK Zavrč 0:1

Tuesday, 03.02.2015.
CFR Cluj - NK Novigrad 4:1
HŠK Zrinjski - Gyirmót FC 6:0

Monday, 02.02.2015.
NK Zavrč - ND Ilirija 2:0
FK Borac Banja Luka - FK Novi Pazar 0:0

Sunday, 01.02.2015.
CFR Cluj - Gyirmót FC 2:3
HŠK Zrinjski - NK Novigrad 3:2

Saturday, 31.01.2015.
FK Novi Pazar - ND Ilirija 2:0
FK Borac Banja Luka - NK Zavrč 1:2


Istria Winter Cup 2014




Istria Winter Cup 2013

More photos are available on this link.

Istria Winter Cup 2012


Tournament propositions

Eight (8) teams divided into two groups – A and B – four (4) teams in each, will participate in the tournament.

Within the groups, every team will play with every other team with the application of the score system.

Scoring within the group (teams):
For a win – 3 points
For a tie – 1 point

In case two teams from the same group have the same total score, advantage will be given to the team who performed better in their mutual match. In case that match ended in a tie, the total number of goals will be considered and if the result is still indecisive, lots will be drawn.
After all in-group matches have been played, ranking matches will be held (A1-B1, A2-B2, A3-B3, A4-B4).

In the ranking matches, in case of a tie, penalty shootouts are played immediately after the match, with each team being awarded five (5) kicks. If the score remains a tie after the penalties, a second set of penalty kicks is played with teams alternately playing one (1) kick each until the final winner is obtained. Only players who finished the match on the field may play penalties.

Every team registers eighteen (18) players for each game, provided that all players entered in the game records may play. Any player expelled from the game after a red card or two yellow cards cannot play in the following match.

Every other aspect of the game is regulated in keeping with the rules of football (FIFA).
The referees will be delegated by the Referee Commission of the Croatian Football Federation.
Matches will be played at stadiums of FC NOVIGRAD “Laco” in Novigrad and “Gradski stadion” in Umag.
In the case of extremely bad weather conditions (rain), the matches will be played on the playground with artificial grass in Umag and Dajla.




Istria Winter Cup

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