Gnam-Gnam Fest: Sardine pilchard fest

  • 08Sep

Veliki trg, Novigrad


Novigrad-Cittanova Tourist Board

Phone: +385 52 757 075

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Every year Novigrad prepares a series of themed culinary events under the common denominator - GnamGnam. The name probably doesn't require any further explanation, since everyone knows what is hidden behind this subtle onomatopoeia - something very delicious!

In May this will be omega-3 rich bluefish and their most well-known representative - the PILCHARD. Incredibly healthy, nutritious, tasty and affordable, pilchards have fed generations of Mediterranean families, and they now return to the table in a number of imaginative combinations.

The May pilchard is of the highest quality, because, as the experts say, this is its season, and this is precisely why the Pilchard Festival is organised in the middle of May, so that visitors could enjoy pilchards when they're the best.

And since the experience wouldn't be complete without the fish swimming in olive oil and wine as well, the organisers have ensured that there is an abundance of autochthonous olive oils and local wines that can be enjoyed in organised tasting sessions.

Besides the gastronomic pleasure, the Pilchard Festival is the opportunity to walk along the waterfront of Novigrad looking for an original handmade souvenir or to release the artist within and unleash your imagination in a creative thematic workshop.

The good spirits of the festival, the musicians, will complete this May evening of colours and scents with music, so as to round up the pleasures of this perfect evening the Mediterranean way.

The week of the Sardine Festival will also provide an opportunity to sample tasty meals featuring sardines and other oily fish at restaurants, local konoba and other food vendors in and around Novigrad. As festival partners they will offer menus based on oily fish. While the event at Novigrad's Diocesan Park will offer an opportunity to sample sardines and other oily fish in some diverse and very special culinary arrangements, our gourmet partners will offer many traditional meals based on these excellent and healthy ingredients at their food venues.

Perhaps sardines served sweet and sour in the famed sarde in soar recipe, or salted anchovies spiced with just a dash of pepper, onions and extra virgin olive oil, or perhaps sparkling fresh sardines fried or grilled, or maybe some mackerel, or a nice juicy tuna steak … pick and choose and – bon appétit!

Treat yourself to a real little portion of health! Welcome to the Pilchard Festival!

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