Street Wizards’ Night

  • 11Aug

Veliki trg, Novigrad


Novigrad-Cittanova Tourist Board

Phone: +385 52 757 075

Tags : Novigrad

All-evening street art performers program.

The event is an contemporary approach to street theatre, relying on the global trend of combining music, dancing and juggling with demanding circus skills, like tightrope/wire walking, work with trapeze and silk, acrobatics and similar. The performers are jugglers, stilt walkers, clowns and other circus artists.

Although Veliki trg is the central location of the manifestation, a part of the program will also take place at other suitable locations, depending on performance type and content. The program is interactive in nature, requiring audience involvement, especially the participation of children, adding to its attractiveness.

During the manifestation, Novigrad will become a gateway to the magical world of fantasy, accessible through well-conceived scenarios.

All program is free of charge for the audience, and intended for the wider public, from the youngest to the elderly, from locals to foreign visitors.

You are invited to join us in Novigrad and enjoy this interesting programme

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