Savudrija lighthouse

Sad love of Austrian count Metternich

Mystic and magnificent, alone on the rocks like some forgotten giants, lighthouses have always been a subject of fascination. Many of them are surrounded by numerous stories and myths that make them seem even more secretive.

Some, such as the one on the island of Pharos at Alexandria have become legends, but each one whose light breaks up the dark represents a symbol of hope and a safe harbour. Previously intended only for sailors, but nowadays also for all those who maddened by the bustle of the everyday life want to experience the charms of adventure tourism.

Savudrija lighthouse was built in 1818 and today is the oldest active lighthouse in the Adriatic, as well as the most northern in Croatia. This 36 metre high building is totally consistent with the mysterious atmosphere that has surrounded lighthouses for centuries – and this one also has a legend…

Local stories often connect the Savudrija lighthouse with the sad story of the Austrian Count Metternich who apparently fell in love with a beautiful Croatian lady at a ball in Vienna. He built the lighthouse and the house beside it just for her.

Unfortunately, fate cruelly saw to it that the Count’s chosen one died of a serious illness and she never saw the light at the lighthouse, the pledge of their love and their unused love nest. Totally in despair, Count Metternich decided never to visit the lighthouse again, and some people swear that still today in the empty rooms you can hear the footsteps of the desperate lover in search of his dearest...

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